50th Annual MLK/Juneteenth     

Community Festival


2020 Vendors Application

Saturday, June 20, 2020, 10 am - 6 pm



Business or Organization Name: _____________________________________________________________________


Contact: _______________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________


City: _________________________ State: _________   Zip: _____________________


Business Phone: ______________________Cell ______________________________


Phone:  _______________________________________________________________


E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________


 Web site: _____________________________________________________________


DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/ FOOD/ SERVICE. ___________________________________________________________________



Each vendor is responsible for the Safety of their Product. Please read the rules and regulations before filling out this form.


Booth Fees:                      

  Food………………………… $75.00

  Dessert and Pastries……… $50.00

  Clothing………………….... $50.00

  Arts & Crafts ………………. $40.00


  Information Only……………… FREE


Please return application by the Deadline - June 6, 2020.

Nancy Rogers, 2743 Mohawk St., Santa Rosa, CA 95403

If you have any questions, please call 707-623-2701

If you are using propane, you will need to get a propane permit from the fire department.


The MLK/Juneteenth Committee and North Bay Black Chambers Of Commerce are not responsible for product liability or the paying of sales taxes by individual vendors.  The Committees are not held responsible in any way for any loss of vendor property by theft, vandalism, weather or anything outside of the control of the Committees staff or volunteers.  Vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless The MLK/Juneteenth Committee and North Bay Black Chambers Of Commerce, the City of Santa Rosa, Ca. it’s managers, directors, agents and employees assignees from and against all liability, claims, demands, losses, damages, levies and causes of action or suits of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or related to activities at the Juneteenth Festival.



2020 MLK/Juneteenth Festival

General Rules and Regulations

Please Read and agree to abide by these Rules and Regulations as well as those applicable regulations of the City of Santa Rosa, the County of Sonoma, and the State of California.

The following people participate at our festival and are known as "Festival Participants":


1. Vendors - those who sell approved goods and services at their booths

2. Non-Vendor Participants - 


3. Sponsors-local small businesses that take an interest in our community and financially support our market. They participate by offering education and information to the public

4. Non-Profits and Community Groups who occupy booth space for the purpose of distributing approved information and           education to the public

5. Festival Volunteers - Citizens who, through the goodness of their hearts, give their time to help

    our festival run smoothly.


Arrival and Departure:  Festival hours are 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  All Vendors must be set-up no later than 9:30 a.m.

 Insurance:  Vendors are NOT insured under the MLK/Juneteenth liability policy.  It is recommended that you carry your own premises liability insurance.

Festival Safety: In order to promote a Safe festival for the public and a profitable market for the vendors, it is important to build an exciting mix of vendors, goods, and services. This is a family-oriented festival and we have a diverse community. Therefore, Items that violate good manners and that will cause controversy will not be approved, any items that promote obscenity, political or religious propaganda, or any other controversial subject matter are not appropriate for our festival. All vendors are expected to maintain high standards of honesty and integrity with respect to the representation and sale of their products and to conduct themselves at all times in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner towards customers, other vendors,




Booth Space:


  1. All vendors will be allotted one booth space

           a. Hot Food Vendors will be allotted a 10X20 space.All others

        will be10X10 spaces.

    2.  Electricity

          a. We do not supply electricity for vendors and non-vendors.

          b. Vendors may use their own portable generators or batteries for     


    3. Generators: In order to maintain clean, attractive, and peaceful festival, generators need to

        have low to moderate noise, low fumes and be directed away from neighbors.

    4.   Maintaining a clear view

         a. Festival participants may not block or obstruct the view of other participant’s booth.  

         b. Lines forming around vendor booths must not obstruct the view of their neighbors.


    5.  Festival appearance: In order to maintain a clean/tidy festival, please set your tent/canopy that the              

          front the canopy is uniform with neighbor’s canopy.



Health and Safety Code: All sellers must comply with Health and Safety Code section 114350(b) as it may be amended from time to time, or any other law regulating food safety. Please follow the guidelines listed below. Failure to do so may result in fines levied per occurrence. Any fines levied on the Festival by the County Environmental Health Department shall be assessed to the vendor responsible for the non-compliance.


1. All foods shall be stored at least six inches off the floor or ground. 


2. Distribution of food is allowed provided that the following sanitary conditions exist:


3. Food shall be personally distributed only by the seller or sellers to the customer on a one-to-one basis. Customers are not to serve themselves. Any food observed to be in violation will be removed and discarded. Food shall be distributed by the producer in a sanitary manner.


4. Food shall be kept in approved, clean, covered containers.


5. Clean, disposable plastic gloves shall be used when handling food.


6. Potable water shall be available for hand washing and sanitizing as

     approved by the local enforcement agency.


7. Potentially hazardous food samples shall be maintained at or below45°F

     degrees Fahrenheit. All other food shall be disposed of within two hours after  



 8. Utensil and hand washing water shall be disposed of in a facility connected to

       the public sewer system or in a manner approved by the local enforcement



9. Holding Temperatures: Potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained hot at        

135°F or higher, or cold at 45°F or below. If using an ice chest, ice must be used in sufficient quantity to maintain proper food temperatures. Perishable food held cold at 45°F or below or hot at 135°F or above must be discarded at the end of the operating day. Overnight storage requires mechanical refrigeration, and that food is held at 41°F or colder for duration of event.





 By signing this application, I agree that:


I have read, understood, and agree to the guidelines contained in this application.


Signed: _____________________________________          Date: ________________