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Pageant Information


Theme:  400 Years of Perseverance

Sonoma County Juneteenth, in conjunction with Legacy Showcases, invites descendants of the African slaves who reside in Sonoma County to compete in Sonoma County’s 2019 Juneteenth Pageant, to be held on June 8, 2019.  Men, women, boys, and girls of all sizes and sexual orientations/identities, ages 6 months and over will compete for division titles according to their various age categories.  Contestants ages 13 and up, will also compete for the title of Mr./Ms. Juneteenth, Sonoma County 2019.  Mandatory competitions (for ages 13 and up) include Afro-centric wear, business interview, and evening wear.  Contestants under the age of 13 will compete in the Afro-centric wear competition only.  All contestants will be judged on poise, presence, and personality.  The contestants with the most points in his/her division will win the titles and trophy for their respective divisions (male and female) and overall winners (ages 13+, male and female) will win the titles of Mr./Ms. Juneteenth and grand prizes of trophies, crowns, and a variety of gifts.

Optional Competitions:


  • Non-Performance Talent- Artwork and other material project

  • Performance Talent- Stage performance (song, dance, comedy, poem, monologue, etc.)

  • Most Photogenic- Submission of an 8 x 10 headshot (All ages)

  • Entrepreneur of Tomorrow- Most pageant admission ticket and Souvenir Book Advertisement sales

  • People’s Choice Award- Supporters (both attendees and non-attendees) vote for the contestant of their choice ($1 per vote, unlimited votes, all ages)

  • Final Question (Five Finalists, Overall Competition, Divisions 4-6)



            Ages                                                                Titles


  •       6 months to 2 years                           Baby Miss/Mister Juneteenth, Sonoma County

  •       3-7 years                                             Little Miss/Mister Juneteenth, Sonoma County

  •       8-12 years                                           Miss/Mister Junior Juneteenth, Sonoma County

  •       13-19 years                                         Miss/Mister Teen Juneteenth, Sonoma County

  •       20-49 years                                         Ms./Mr. Juneteenth, Sonoma County

  •       50+                                                       Ms./Mr. Juneteenth, Senior, Sonoma County



Winning Categories:


Mr./Ms. Congeniality (Selected by contestants- Divisions 4-6)                                            

Most Photogenic (1, 2, 3 place)*

Non-Performance Talent (1, 2, 3 place)*

Performance Talent (1, 2, 3 place, Divisions 4-6)

People’s Choice (1, 2, 3 place)*

Business Interview (1, 2, 3 place, Divisions 4-6)

Afro-Centric Wear (1, 2, 3 place)*

Evening Wear (1, 2, 3 place, Divisions 4-6)

Baby Miss/Mister Juneteenth, Sonoma County (3, 2 places and Division 1 winners, male/female)

Little Miss/Mister Juneteenth, Sonoma County (3, 2 places and Division 2 winners, male/female)

Miss/Mister Junior Juneteenth, Sonoma County (3, 2 places and Division 3 winners, male/female)

Miss/Mister Teen Juneteenth, Sonoma County (3, 2 places and Division 4 winners, male/female)

Ms./Mr. Adult Juneteenth, Sonoma County (3, 2 places and Division 5 winners, male/female)

Ms./Mr. Senior Juneteenth, Sonoma County (3, 2 places and Division 6 winners, male/female)

Ms./Mr. Juneteenth (Overall Winners, Divisions 4, 5, 6, male/female)


*All contestants are encouraged to compete



Pageant Fees

  • Divisions 1, 2, 3 Contestants- $25.00 (Afro-centric wear)

  • Divisions 4-6 Contestants- $75.00 (Afro-centric, business interview, evening wear)

  • Most Photogenic- $10 (optional)

  • Non-Performance Talent- $10 (optional)

  • Performance Talent- $10 (optional)


Complete the form below and submit payment in full by no later than May 8, 2019.

For more information, contact Jacqueline Lawrence at 707-393-7661 or visit 

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